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Personal bio:

Please allow me to introduce myself. As some may know me from the early 70's or even late 60'. I am Dennis Cope and was involved with v8 trike building along with Leon Daily. We were using the Asphalt angel body that was first designed and fabricated by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. After he seen what we were doing with his body " Asphalt Angel "we had his blessing even having us build frames for his clients. Ed only built a couple of these v8 trikes because he loved the vw trikes and spent much more time with them. So in early 70's Leon an I open a shop building v8 trikes. In 1971 Leon and I open our first shop building v8 trikes. I also believe this shop was the first anywhere in the U.S. Trike World limited was located at 6611 Compton blvd. Paramount Ca 90723 I could be wrong, and I guess I have been before, if any one knows of another v8 trike fabricator of this time period call me I would love to commiserate with you.
Now this is how I first became involved with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and building the Asphalt angle and later the California cruiser
Leon and I took the Asphalt Angel body and built many different configurations using the Asphalt angel as a starting point. As you can see today my fabrications still lend themselves to this timeless design. Also fabricating the Asphalt Angel itself. If you would like me to build you this iconic Asphalt Angel trike, please contact me as I have about a year waiting time line to build a complete trike.
I do have a Asphalt Angel Kit available at this time.


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  2. The chassis:

    I will try to explain how and what I used to build this chassis

    Front wheel is a Harley rim and tire with Harley rotor and calipers, braided stainless steel brake lines and Harley brake master cylinder an Harley switches. with brake lever.
    front end is an 8 inch inverted chrome front end
    handle bars are made in the shop
    radiator is 19"x22" and is aluminum
    engine is a ford Lincoln 302 ci with a ford a.o.d transmission
    drive shaft is about 8" center to center on the universal joints
    the rear end is a 9" ford housing and is shorten to 34 inch and 31 spline gear ratio is 3 to1
    the rear disc brakes are Lincoln continental and we use big ford 11" rotors
    the rims are 20" with 235x55x20 tires
    the engine has a chrome alternator ,chrome alternator brackets chrome oil pan and chrome transmission pan
    Distributor is HEI performance distributor with a 65,000 volt coil.

    Three rolling chassis for sale

    2500.00 frame for 350 ci chevy w/ 350 th transmission
    6500. bare bones rolling chassis for 350ci chevyw/ 350 th transmission
    9500.complete rolling chassis

    I am building rolling chassis for several engines included are some chassis I have or will build rolling chassis for: 305, 350 Chevy, ls1 305 350 tpi, 302 351 Windsor 360 390 428 fe big block. I would consider other configuration
    At this time I have three rolling chassis design ready or almost ready to go.

    First: rolling chassis is for 350sbc with 350 th transmission using a ladder bar and pan hard bar. 1310 or 1330 drive shaft yoke is used and is approximately 8" center to center from universal joint to universal joint

    Second: is for 350 sbc with 350 th transmission with pan hard bar and is approximately two feet longer. The longer chassis will allow you to use two passenger bucket seat side by side in the rear with front either bucket seat or conventional saddle seat for the driver. The drive shaft is approximately 24inches center to center to the universal joints an uses either 1310 or 1330 drive shaft yoke

    Third: is for 350 sbc with 350 th transmission using a tri link which does not use a pan hard bar. The drive shaft is approximately seven inches center to center between universal joints and uses 1310 or 1330 drive shaft yoke
    Some of the parts that all three rolling chassis have in common
    01.The frames are built with transmission mount built into the frame. Motor mounts are for the engine too fit frame.
    02. All chassis have new chrome 8" over 63mm front ends .
    03. Front end will have Harley wheel and tire, rotor and caliper brake pads and coated stainless steel bake lines and handle bars with master cylinder , brake lever. All that will need to be done is add fluid
    04. Drive shafts are especially designed and fabricated by a drive shaft company and are made for this V8 trike application.
    05. The rear housing are designed for 9 inch ford third member and are manufactured by strange engineering. We use the larger old school ford Terino bearing cups. The third member usually is 3:1 ratio. The axles are manufactured by Mosier engineering and can be ordered either ford, chevy or both, that is you can have ford 3.5 bolt pattern or 3.75 chevy bolt pattern or and axle can have both sizes bolt patterns
    06. I use 20" wheel and tires. I also use tires that are available like 255x50x20
    07. I install complete brake system ready to fill with fluid: I use new brakes calipers that are called metric calipers. The rotors are the big ford rotors 11"and I also use new brackets for the calipers as well as new pads . The rear master cylinder is a racing master cylinder from Wilwood . Ladder bar was manufactured by an engineering and center to center of hiem joints is 18". I supply installed complete brake linkage brake pedal to master cylinder
    08. I do supply a gear shiftier the the 350 th transmission.

  3. Summery:

    Ok lets go this again . I am
    offering a complete rolling chassis for a 350 sbc with 350 th trans using 6" tail shaft, and when I say complete that it what else do you need when it comes to a rolling chassis.

    I started building v8 trikes over 45 years ago and learned from the master of custom culture Ed "big Daddy "Roth go rat fink. Now I am going to give back what learned over the years and pass on this amazing culture .

    If you ever wanted a v8 trike and are able to afford 70 plus thousands of dollars now you can build your own with a little help from me.

    I tell anyone who will listen to me, do your do diligence . Search the web, craigs list, ebay ,and even do searches on fire fox or what ever browser you use . their are a hundred builder out their . Find a design that you like and ask question do you research then be prepared to spend money and a lot day an night hours.

    For every one that has seen this post I will help you with your v8 trike build . Ever if you are using a kit you found from one of these amazing builders or are just going it by your self. We all need someone to ask question.

    I know that I have forget some things so please check I will try to up date text as I think of some thing new to say or you can call me 520 three 66 one 847

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